Gel U-Shaped Pad 1/8"


Product description:

Soft gel pad off-loads bony prominence or painful pressure areas most commonly under the ball of the feet or behind the heel. 

  • Self-Stick cushions make for easy application.
  • Designed to shift weight bearing away from any of the metatarsal heads.
  • Cut out surrounds the prominence or area of pressure to re-distribute weight onto the pad and away from the painful area which relieves stress, tenderness and pain.

How to use this product:

Apply to clean, dry skin.

Recommended care:

Wash with water and mild soap as needed. Washable and re-usable. Each cushion can be used over-and-over again.


Do not use on open wound. If skin irritation occurs, remove immediately and consult your Podiatrist or Medical Specialist.

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