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We sell quality foot pads and ship anywhere in Canada using Canada post.

The concept for this web site arose from multiple requests from my patients who were looking for quality foot pads - the same quality pads that I have used in my own podiatry practise for over 20 years. Many patients complained about the poor quality of “drug store” foot pads, and that the better foot pads were expensive and difficult to find.

Some of the products listed are available in pre-cut foot pads. I am also offering the ability to purchase a sheet of material, so that you can cut your own foot pads; this often allows for a better fit and definitely saves you money. The small minimum order quantities allow you to try out different methods of foot padding so you can choose what is best for you.

Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure which product will work best for you or if there is something you are looking for and can’t locate.

Dr. Tammy Gracen

Featured Products

Callus Pad - U-shaped 1/8", Felt Adhesive (5-pack)

Callus Pad - U-shaped 1/8", Felt Adhesive (5-pack)


Product description: Medical grade felt adhesive backed pad to off-weight calluses and pressure areas. The U-shaped portion surrounds the painful lesion or callus and reduces pain by transferring pressure from the lesion to the pad. Sold in packages of 5....